DWTS 2011 – Chris Brown Performing Or Not, Dancing With The Stars Would Have Received Top Ratings

Some of the cast of Danicng With The Stars were ‘less than thrilled’ about Chris Brown’s visit to the show this past week. Robin Quivers’ (filling in for Joy Behar on her show) interviewed Cheryl yesterday. In the interview Cheryl talked of how wrong she thought it was. Many of you have expressed the same. Watch below and see if she has a point.

According to All Headlines News, Cheryl wasn’t the only cast member with the same feelings about Chris Brown being on the show.

Contestants Wendy Williams and Kirstie Alley, as well as professional dancer Cheryl Burke, are also less than thrilled that Brown visited the set.

Cheryl told Popeater after the singer’s performance, “As a victim of domestic violence, I don’t agree with him coming on the show, but it’s out of my control.”

A source added, “Usually when a big star comes in to sing, the entire cast is excited to meet them and spend the day together at rehearsals. With Chris, no one wanted to be around when he rehearsed.”

“Kirstie wanted to spend as little time as possible around him. It was hard enough for her to be in the same building as him.”

And while everything went without a hitch on stage, with Brown even helping bring ratings to the show, it wasn’t as smooth backstage.

The insider said, “No one wanted anything to do with him. Most of the cast thinks it’s a disgraceful that ABC invited him on in the first place, but after he smashed a window backstage at ‘Good Morning America,’ almost everyone participating in the competition thought he should have been canceled.”

By the way, the press (one example of many) keeps mentioning how Chris Brown gave the show top ratings Tuesday night as if it was all his doing? In my opinion, Chris Brown performing or not, the show would have received top ratings since it was the first results show and it can hold it’s own. They need to stop raving on Chris Brown and give the dancers, hosts, judges, the new Dance Troupe, the crew, etc., props instead!! 😐