DWTS 2011- Get Ready For Another Amazing Ending To Maksim Chmerkovskiy & Kirstie Alley’s Upcoming Rumba (Photo)

Maks posted his weekly blog on TV Guide. He writes about last weeks dance (the kiss, some injuries, and all) and as well as their upcoming dance the Rumba. Get ready for another “amazing ending”. 🙂 More below, but, be sure to read the full blog at the link as he talks about the new Dance Troupe too and his students as well.

Next week, we have the rumba. It’s also personal story week. Kirstie’s story is not the happiest of stories. It’s a little dramatic, but I think our routine has an amazing ending to it. We’re going to try to do her story justice while also maintaining the integrity of the rumba. We didn’t go about discussing stories before settling on this one. It was “I have this story and it’s pretty amazing.” She had told me about it briefly, but I’m one of those people who don’t like to pry into personal stuff. But when we were assigned this, she was kind of enough to fill me in. We’re not going to act out anything. We’re just going to portray the music. We’re just going to feel the song and there are few dramatic things.

This week is the first week where we have about five days to turn around a whole dance. And the rumba is not an easy dance to learn. I’m going at Kirstie’s pace. I don’t want to push anybody to do anything unnatural against their will or against their body. So I’m being as “soft” as I can be. I’m still demanding and still teaching her, but I’m not going crazy. She has to want to do it and I just channel it. If I push her too much, I may break her. In this case, she knows what she wants to get out of it. She knows how to get out of it. I don’t need to push her. I just show up, explain the steps, show the steps and we do them over and over.

The show takes its toll on everybody’s body. Last week, we had a little issue when Kirstie strained herself. It was a big enough deal to alter the quickstep completely, but of course we had to be more cautious. We didn’t have the easiest first dance with the cha-cha. It was really fast. And the quickstep is really fast too. All of that took its toll on her ligaments. She was just sore. It’s the same for anybody who goes to the gym and then wakes up the next day sore. So we weren’t 100 percent for the quickstep, but we were 100 percent funny.

Speaking of Kirstie, she’s slimming down more by the day. Below is a new picture Mark posted on Facebook of the two at an After party March 29th. Doesn’t she look fabulous and I swear Girl is not 60 years old!! I just love her HAIR too which I hope she never cuts!