Dancing With The Stars 12, Week 3 – Sugar Ray Leonard To Portray Painful Life Moment in Paso Doble Tonight

TV Guide has a great interview up with Anna. Anna discusses the judges scores last week, what she thinks about the other dancers, and gives us a peak into what tonight’s dance will be like with her partner Sugar Ray. Here is a little take from the interview. I hope these two show everyone what they are really made of tonight. Come on Sugar, you can do it!!

How’s the paso doble coming?
Trebunskaya: Good. Ray as a person is a very laid-back guy. He’s very much not [aggressive like you need to be] in the paso doble. But he’s also a boxer, so he has that aggression in him. I have to draw it out of him for the paso doble. We’re going spend more time on polishing things and try to go out there and maybe surprise people. He’s a natural born performer. His DNA is wired to entertain. I’m not concerned about that, but I need to address the technique.

What’s your story?
Trebunskaya: Our story has something to do with Ray’s boxing. He chose the story and the music and I have to tell that story in the paso doble format. Hopefully we’ll be successful at that. He chose a particular moment in his life, which was quite painful for him. He had to overcome a lot emotionally. It tells a lot about Ray and who he is and what kind of person he is.

He’s your fourth athlete in a row and fifth total, but he’s your first boxer. How does he compare to your past partners?
Trebunskaya: Well, the athletes, they get are always so good at what they do. That means they have a lot of habits. With Ray, he hunches down, [has his] shoulders up to protect himself. You know — don’t get beaten up in the face. Don’t expose yourself. For dancing, it’s the complete opposite. We always want proper posture and form. That has been the hardest challenge. On the other hand, Evan [Lysacek], being a figure skater, is used to being a showman like that. … Ray is a much more visual learner. He has to look in the mirror to see what he’s doing it to learn it. He also has a great sense of rhythm. He’s right on the beat. A lot of athletes ignore the music and try to do technical stuff, but he’s the opposite. He’s light on his feet.