Dancing With The Stars 12 – Interviews After The Dances (Videos)

Wow, what a night Everyone!!! One of the best yet!!! Let’s get right to some new interviews afterwards. Most of the videos below were with my favorite interviewer George Pennacchio from KABC in LA. One video is from Good Morning America today.

A recap.

Romeo and Chelsea talking about how this dance was about so much more than technique.

Kirstie and Maks explain what happened with the fall and how it ended up being a “test” (I love Kirstie’s eyes and how she bends one up sometimes).

Maks talks to Good Morning America on the fall as well.

Chris and Cheryl on how doing this dance meant so much to him.

Hines and Kim talk about the shout out and tribute to his Mother and how much it meant to him and her.

Chelsea feeling ecstatic about listening to the judges last week and going more traditional paid off.

Ralph and Karina talking about why he chose the song for their dance. His wife’s reaction was worth it all.

Kendra and Louis much happier with their dance last night. Concentrating on her “legs” paid off.

Petra and Dimitry so happy they did better.

Wendy as confident as ever. She says she’s ‘still the statue’ and ‘queen of the radio’ ( 😯 ,not sure how much more I can take of this and poor Tony).

Sugar Ray and Anna on being one of the most improved of the night.

And there ya go! Here’s to tonight’s results show!!! 😉