Pure DWTS 12 – Saying Goodbye To Wendy Williams: Etiquette Police Needed & More

Well, most often times it’s sad to see someone picked to go off the show, but, I think the majority of us took a sigh of relief on this one? I took another BIG sigh of relief when I read this piece this morning from Seattle PI of some of what we didn’t see on camera. Be sure to read the link for the full article.

Host Tom Bergeron ushered them to the middle of the floor, urging, “Do a little dancing here if you can.” Instead, Williams threw her arms up in the air, blew past Dovolani – leaving him stranded solo – and walked to the sidelines, shaking hands and blowing kisses. Dovolani’s abandonment became so uncomfortable for the audience that high up in the bleachers, the fans began to chant, “Tony, Tony, Tony.”

But until the cameras stopped rolling, Williams never returned to her partner. “That’s really strange,” said one audience member. It became even stranger when the rest of the cast descended to the ballroom and WWE star Chris Jericho took Tony in his arms in a waltz frame – as if to say, “Hey, buddy, I’ll dance with you.”

Perhaps Williams, 46, was still beating herself up for choosing what she believed was the wrong personal story line – a dramatization of her struggle to succeed in radio – to inspire Monday night’s dance. “Maybe the judges didn’t want to see the story of a woman and absolute strength,” says the self-proclaimed “Queen of All Media.” “Maybe I should’ve gone with something more personal, like how I met my husband and fell in love.” Whatever may have been going through her head, there was certainly no love lost between Williams and the audience. “That’s just plain rude,” remarked a spectator. “I feel sorry for Tony.”

I hate to say it, but, I’m feeling worse on Wendy than I did on Bristol at this point in time and never did I think that would happen. 😐

Anyway, it will be sad to see Tony go though. Hopefully, he will still see him dancing in some pro numbers. Here are the two on Jimmy Kimmel last night and again on Good Morning America with some last words to share on their experience.

The Insider interviewed her and Tony and some of the other contestants as well after the show. (I can’t embed this one)

Here they are being interviewed on ET Online and Access Hollywood too. She is relieved, it was a great experience, and yet, thinks the judges weren’t fair in their scoring.