Pure DWTS 2011 – Mark Ballas: “I always feel like we deserve higher scores”

It’s “Classical Week” coming up Monday night on Dancing With The Stars. Mark mentions in his new blog at USA Today that he and Chelsea have the Viennese Waltz and he’s not holding Chelsea back at this point. More below and at the link for his thoughts on this past weeks dance, his musical projects, and more.

What did you think about our Cha Cha? I was thrilled with how Chelsea performed on Monday. I always feel like we deserve higher scores, but I guess that’s why I’m not a judge! I thought she was flawless, and the choreography was fun and exactly what the judges wanted: very traditional Cha Cha, but young and fun at the same time, which is just like Chelsea Kane. Great job, partner!

Dancing with the other Chels (pro Chelsie Hightower), was awesome tonight. I really enjoy dancing with the other pros. While it requires more time away from our celebrity partners to prepare for Monday’s dance, it’s so much fun to let it fly! Naturally, we professionals dial it back a bit with our celeb partners, as any of them would look bad if we danced all out. I must say though, I’m not holding back much with Miss Kane at this point, and we’ve only finished Week 3!

What are my thoughts on the other dancers this week? Hines and Kym’s dance had a lot of energy, and was worthy of the encore. Petra and Dmitry’s dance was beautiful and clearly from her heart, and Kendra and Louis had a great night as well. As for Maks and Kirstie, everybody falls sometime. I thought that they picked it up gracefully and finished strong.