Dancing With The Stars 12 – Hines Ward Won’t Be Able To Smile Monday Night (Videos)

Hines and Kym have been in Pittsburg this week so Hines could attend the 38th annual Art Rooney Awards to benefit the Catholic Youth Association. But, they’ve also been hard at work practicing for their upcoming dance on Monday night (the Paso Doble) in an undisclosed location. The Post Gazette gives us a little teaser for what’s to come. More below and at the link.

After tying for the judges’ top score on this week’s “DWTS,” the duo caught a red-eye from Los Angeles via Atlanta and have been rehearsing a new number at an undisclosed studio here. Next up is the paso doble, a tricky enough step as a dance, but Mr. Ward will be challenged in another area: In the spirit of the performance, he won’t be allowed to smile.

“She’s got to make me mad or something,” he said.

They will dance to “Explosive,” a vibrant string number by Bond.

All in all, he said, “I’m having a blast. A lot of people were shocked [that he really can dance] and I’ve been shocked myself.”

He has taken to creating dance versions of the traditional playbook. “I’m putting in the same work ethic as I approach football, putting in the long hours. Even when I go home, I’m writing the dance routine down on a piece of paper.”

Asked if she had seen the paper, Ms. Johnson said, “Yes, he showed me … it looks like gibberish, I guess.”

I can’t embed them, but, there are also some VIDEOS of the two talking to the press in Pittsburg at WTAE and WPXI >>>>HERE and >>>>>HERE. Below is a video of the song “Explosive” by Bond for what the fun duo will be dancing to.

Thanks so much to tweeter @Sally_Braden for sending us some fun videos for this post. 😉 xx