DWTS12 – Romeo Miller Promises Justin Bieber Surprise If He Makes It To The Finale

Are any of you a Justin Bieber fan? If so, you are being called upon. Hollywood Life interviewed Romeo this week. In the interview, Romeo promises he will have a Justin Bieber surprise if people keep voting for him and he makes it to the finale. Not sure if this attempt to get votes will work, but, Romeo makes some good points about a person’s dance back ground below. Just because a person might have a dancing background doesn’t mean they will be good dancers in the ballroom.

“All the Justin Bieber fans, y’all can vote for me as well. If you all keep voting for me I’ll have a surprise, something with Justin. I can’t really tell but if I make it to the finale, it’ll be a great surprise for Bieber fans,” revealed Romeo in an exclusive interview with HollywoodLife.com.

Romeo played celebrity basketball with Bieber a few months ago, and we can’t wait to see what the 21-year-old rapper has planned with his all-star teammate! Romeo talked about how the season would go if Justin were on Dancing with the Stars.

“If Justin Bieber was on DWTS everybody else might as well just quit. He wouldn’t have a problem with the fan votes. Plus I think Bieber has a heads up because he already likes dancing and already has some dance moves!” said Romeo.

Still, the singer/actor wants to point out that a background in dance doesn’t necessarily make ballroom easier. “It’s actually a challenge, it’s not as easy as it looks,” confesses Romeo. “I’ve had friends come by my rehearsals, friends who are dancers, and they try to do the moves with me and it’s a different process. A hard process. Ballroom dancing is a whole other thing.”

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