DWTS Stats Class – Week 4

Classical Week! With a full orchestra… and that gawdy staircase out of the way. What dances will our stars have to tackle for the week?

Ralph and Karina – Waltz
– Age [40s]: 21
– Occupation [Actor]: 27.25
– Pro Partner: 23.333
Predicted Score: 23
Thoughts: Is it just me or is Ralph “struggling” with the Latin dances as opposed to the Ballroom dance (Foxtrot). I’m looking for him to make his “come back” with the Waltz.

Kirstie and Maks – Waltz
– Age [60s]: 22
– Occupation [Actress]: 22.833
– Pro Partner: 25.4
Predicted Score: 23
Thoughts: Kirstie, to me, seems to do much better in the Latin dances than the Ballroom dance (Quickstep)… then again the Quickstep required a lot of energy, a lot of which Kirstie did not have towards the end. The Waltz is a bit more paced than the Quickstep, so this should work out more to her favor.

Romeo and Chelsie – Paso Doble
– Age [20s]: 27.7
– Occupation [Singer]: 22.75
– Pro Partner: N/A
Predicted Score: 25
Thoughts: Romeo needs to learn to be a man if he wants to dominate the Paso Doble. To me it seems like Romeo was just following Chelsie around like a little lap dog… ok… maybe not that extreme, but still. All kidding aside unless Romeo mans up… he may be next to bow out.

Chris and Cheryl – Paso Doble
– Age [40s]: 22.333
– Occupation [Athlete]: 27
– Pro Partner: 25.625
Predicted Score: 24
Thoughts: I LOVE LOVE LOVE Chris when he’s doing the ballroom dances, not so much with the Latin… With all the theoretical masculinity he has to throw around in the Wrestling ring… could he channel that into the Paso Doble?

Petra and Dmitry – Paso Doble
– Age [30s]: 25.406
– Occupation [Model]: 29
– Pro Partner: 30
Predicted Score: 28
Thoughts: oK… Dmitry hasn’t been on the show long enough for good data to be derived… same with models… so Petra is going to be breaking some boundaries here. Petra does well when it comes to slow sympatheic dances, but with something like the Paso Doble? I don’t know… I’m a bit skeptical

Hines and Kym – Paso Doble
– Age [30s]: 25.406
– Occupation [NFL]: 23
– Pro Partner: 23.333
Predicted Score: 23
Thoughts: Hines shines the most when he could infuse a bit of his personality into the dance. The Paso is a different animal and for some reason I just can’t see it happening… can you?

Chelsea and Mark – Viennese Waltz
– Age [20s]: 25.6
– Occupation [Disney]: 24.5
– Pro Partner: 21.5
Predicted Score: 23.867
Thoughts: So far Chelsea has been on a bit of an uphill climb… I’m thinking she’s going to peak too soon a la Sabrina Bryan… but who knows?

Sugar Ray & Anna – Viennese Waltz
– Age [50s]: 23
– Occupation [Boxer]: N/A
– Pro Partner: 23.333
Predicted Score: 23
Thoughts: Sugar Ray has been having problems with posture… as thus this is going to take some work for him to get up to form…

Kendra and Louis – Viennese Waltz
– Age [20s]: 25.6
– Occupation [Reality TV]: 21.5
– Pro Partner: 20.75
Predicted Score: 22
Thoughts: I don’t know about you guys, but I rather liked Kendra in the Quickstep… so I’m expecting her to do decently in the Viennese Waltz.

**NOTE: N/A – There is no prior data in this particular category