Pure DWTS Season 12 – Chelsie Hightower and Romeo Miller: “We are working our butts off!”

Chelsie Hightower talks with TV Guide about her and Romeo’s dance last week and his progress. She also dished with them a little on their upcoming Paso Doble tonight. It’s going to be interesting to see how he has responded to practicing to “Classical” music, hmmm?? 🙂 More below and at the link.

How’s the paso doble coming along?
Hightower: It’s good. It’s definitely a more difficult dance, especially since we have classical music because there are so many intricacies with the classical music. But I think it’s going to pay off in the end.

Are you approaching the choreography any differently because it’s classical week?
Hightower: I wouldn’t say a different approach, per se. We’re taking the same approach, but it requires more work. It’s harder to find the balance between the paso moves, which are aggressive and in-your-face, and the music. On top of that, the stage is going to be different with the orchestra. It’s a challenge, but we’re both up for it. We’re definitely putting in a lot more hours this week.

The judges have harped on Romeo’s technique. What are you working on this week?
Hightower: His footwork and posture, especially for the paso — you need a really strong frame. And technique in general — he’s been called out for various things in the past few weeks, so we’re trying to improve upon that so that they can’t pick on us for that anymore! But at the same time, it’s a work in progress. It’s still the beginning of the competition. We still have weeks to grow and get stronger. But we’re definitely trying to deliver an awesome comeback dance this week. I think this could be it.

Last minute video addition from Hollywood Life. They also have a new little interview up at the link.;