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Spoilers!!! DWTS Season 12, Week 4 – the Results!!

I must say, me and Courtney’s twitter feeds are not pretty. 🙂 I think I read a “you’re dead to me!” directed at Kendra after her comments tonight followed by Sugar Ray going home. That’s right, the sweetest guy in the competition and a real class act is taken out by the bunny. :::sigh::: Well, I was only off by one. Does this mean Courtney’s mom doesn’t like me any more?? 🙁

There is so much material there for Cheesecake that I hesitate to say anything more. But I will say that Kendra is nearly a lock to go home next week, but Petra better kill it. And Mark – you’ve been spanked but good. Let’s see how out of the box you get next week. 🙂

Recap – what this means is that Kendra got at least 14,600 more votes per million votes cast than Ray did – not a huge number at the end of the day, but surprising, at least to me.

April 12, 2011 I Written By

I'm a nerd and proud of it. Two degrees in geology also means I love BEER. :-) I'm also a Derek lover - proud of that too. So don't scream at those of us on this site and call us a bunch of "biased Derek-lovers" - it's just ME. :-) It may sound like I hate DWTS at times, but really, I'm just a snarky nitpicker from way back. And I'm cynical and jaded too. But I do love DWTS. :-)

DWTS Season 12, Week 4 – Dancing by the Numbers!

Well, the judges are determined to make this show easy to predict, whether that is their intention or not. My question for the week – was Kendra REALLY 3 points below everyone else, in particular Ray, who has worse technique than Kendra but sure seems to be enjoying himself a whole lot more? I dunno. Yeah, she’s annoying, but really? Ray has a leg up in the likeablity factor, for sure, but 3 points?

Anyway, this week it will most likely come down to Ray and Kendra – I would consider anyone else leaving a surprise at this time. I think next week could be VERY interesting if Kendra goes this week. Will the judges continue to make it clear who they think should go? Because next week we venture into the territory of there being decent dancers who have little fanbase to speak of (Petra), versus not great dancers who are charming as hell who happen to also be sports legends (Sugar Ray) – then a whole lot of uncertainty in the middle. Is Chris really hitting it off with the audience like I think he is, in addition to being a pretty good dancer? Is Kirstie as popular as I suspect she is, despite having mishap after mishap on the dance floor?? Things could get very sticky next week and if they are too harsh with Ray they could send Petra packing on a Ray-sympathy vote – and if they continue to ridiculously inflate her scores? I might have to start tweeting them. 🙂 Anyway, let’s look at the scoring for this week:

The Judges Scores and Percentages

Place Celebrity Score Percentage
1. Chelsea 26 12.62
2. Hines 25 12.14
3. Ralph 25 12.14
4. Chris 23 11.17
5. Petra 23 11.17
6. Romeo 23 11.17
7. Kirstie 22 10.68
8. Ray 21 10.19
9. Kendra 18 8.74

As you can see, Kendra is 3 points below her nearest competitor. Normally on this show, 3 points isn’t a huge deal. Well, it is if your name is Kendra. People who are popular with the E! set don’t have a stellar track record of being vote getters – of course, none so far have been great dancers either. 🙂 So, while those 3 points only translates to 14.6k votes per million votes cast, that’s a pretty high number when going against Sugar Ray Leonard. How does Kendra stack up against all the other dancers? What would it take for her to stay? One of the following would have to happen:

– Kendra gets 14,600 more votes per million votes cast than Ray, or;
– Kendra gets 19,450 more votes per million votes cast than Kirstie, or;
– Kendra gets 24,300 more votes per million votes cast than Petra/Chris/Romeo, or;
– Kendra gets 34k more votes per million votes cast than Ralph/Hines,OR;
– Kendra gets 38,900 more votes per million votes cast than Chelsea.

As you can see, from the above, it’s relatively unlikely that anyone other than Kendra or Ray goes home. Why not Kirstie? Well, she’s Kirstie and I think she’s winning hearts with who she is and not so much with her dancing. For her to go home, both Kendra and Ray would have to beat her in votes by the required spread. Now, if she doesn’t do a clean dance next week, we may be having a different discussion. At the end of the day, Kendra needs to beat at least Ray and I don’t see that happening. If she does much better with voters than I expect, I think Ray will go home because I don’t think Ray can catch Kirstie. If Kendra gets lucky and does much better with the voters than Ray does, in order for Ray to stick around he needs the following:

– Ray needs 4,900 more votes per million votes cast than Kirstie,OR;
– 9,750 more votes per million votes cast than Petra/Chris/Romeo,OR;
– 19,450 more votes per million votes cast than Ralph/Hines.

Yeah. I don’t see that last one happening either. Looking at the other two sets of numbers, however, you will see why I think next week will be very, very interesting indeed – unless the judges continue to force a big spread between the pack and the weakest dancer. That’s not a whole lot of votes, statistically, between Ray and Kirstie, Petra, Chris and Romeo. Who would be the possible loser in that fight other than Ray? Petra and Romeo, I think. Provided that it goes like I think it will tonight, we’ll have that discussion next week. 🙂

So, who’s going home? I’m saying Kendra, and probably easily. Although I’ve been wrong before, so It could be Ray instead. But my money’s on Kendra.

I Written By

I'm a nerd and proud of it. Two degrees in geology also means I love BEER. :-) I'm also a Derek lover - proud of that too. So don't scream at those of us on this site and call us a bunch of "biased Derek-lovers" - it's just ME. :-) It may sound like I hate DWTS at times, but really, I'm just a snarky nitpicker from way back. And I'm cynical and jaded too. But I do love DWTS. :-)

DWTS Earrings Giveaway – Yellow Swarovski Crystal Hoops

I think we’re all quite familiar with the costumes used on Dancing with the Stars. We know about Randall and the challenge he has in putting together the costumes so quickly. We even have our incredibly popular Who Wore it Better series where we compare costumes when they decide to reuse them. What I hadn’t heard much about was the jewelry that Randall decided to use on the show.

Turns out that Anne Koplik Designs provides over over 400 pairs of earrings to DWTS each season. A veritable rainbow of Swarovski crystal earrings in all shapes and sizes. As you can imagine they reuse the earrings on DWTS as well (It is the 12th season). Sounds like we might have to have a special Who Wore it Better: Earring Edition (Courtney?). To find out who is wearing Anne Koplik Jewelry on DWTS each week, just “Like” Anne Koplik on Facebook for all the latest details and photos.

I’m really excited to tell you that Anne Koplik Designs has very generously provided a free set of earrings to a lucky Pure DWTS reader. The lucky winner will get a pair of the Yellow Swarovski Crystal Hoops as worn by Kym and Hines last week (and shown in the picture below).

How to enter to win:
There are 2 ways to enter and unfortunately this is restricted to US residents only. The only person who can’t win is me (or maybe I should say my wife). Be sure to enter both ways to double your chances of winning.
1. Leave a comment on this site about your favorite DWTS jewelry. Be sure to use a real email since that’s what we’ll use to notify the winner.
2. Send a tweet that includes @puredwts and @AKoplikDesigns. Something like the following will work:
I really want to win the Swarovski crystal hoops Kym Johnson wore on DWTS that @puredwts and @AKoplikDesigns are giving away.

That’s all. We’ll run the competition for a week and then do the giveaway next week based on a random selection amongst all the entries.

Check out some of the other jewelry Anne Koplik Designs has provided to Dancing with the Stars:

Here’s a little more info about Anne Koplik Designs:

Anne Koplik the designer…

Anne Koplik, founder, and head designer, has always loved antique jewelry. Anne’s initial inspiration stemmed from her mother’s successful hat design business ambitiously established in New York City during the roaring twenties. For 30 years, Anne has been combining her innate sense of style and design with her vast knowledge of glass jewels, crystals and brass findings to create original works of art treasured for their heirloom quality.

It seems this family tradition remains strong throughout generations as Anne works side-by-side daily with her two daughters Jill and Kara. Jill is the CEO and lead designer. She produces and creates the innovative 200+-piece collection each season, Kara is the CFO who ensures all business, and financial operations run smoothly.

Together these three women have combined their exceptional talents to develop a very successful fashion jewelry company.

Anne Koplik Designs…

Anne Koplik Designs, is a high fashion, trend setting jewelry company offering beautiful vintage-inspired jewelry…..Anne Koplik Designs have been seen on many soap operas and prime time television shows, currently on Dancing with the Stars, Skating with the Star as well The View, The Wendy Williams Show, Americas Got Talent, The Insider, Entertainment Tonight, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and 90210. We have been featured at the American Music Awards, The Daytime Emmy Awards, and The Tony Awards. Fashion editorial coverage includes prominent magazines such as In Style, Lucky, Modern Bride, Your Prom, Good Housekeeping, and WW to name a few.

We use only the finest materials, including Swarovski Elements, semi-precious stones, antique glass beads, and exclusive hand enameling. We individually design, produce, and ship from our New York, USA studio. Anne Koplik was also honored by Swarovski as one of the top designers using Swarovski crystals.

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Better known as Charlie.

Dancing With The Stars 12, Week 4 – Reviews, Recaps, And Interviews After Dance Night (Videos)

George Pennacchio of ABC in LA and Tony Dovolani on Good Morning America help us put the show in perspective with some reviews, recaps, and some interviews. These two are both so good and be sure to see who Tony thinks will go home tonight (2nd video). More below….

Some recaps.

Kirstie and Maks on the shoe malfunction. Kirstie makes the best of it and is so cute and funny as always. Maks has to turn around because he can’t stop laughing at her. Priceless!

See how Karina was inspired for their choreography and look.

George tries to get Kendra to talk on the positive. If they make it tonight, I hope they listen to George! HE KNOWS!

Petra and Dmitry on the ending of their dance and more.

Romeo discusses why “trying” is important and he “tried” to put everything out there last night.

Sugar Ray on his progression. Dancing is just like boxing in many ways.

George tells Cheryl how good she is about showcasing Chris and not overpowering him.

Kym feels like she is dancing with a professional with Hines. They are pleased with the outcome especially with all of their traveling time taking time away from rehearsals this week.

Chelsea and Mark and how they don’t rehearse without shoes until she’s got the dance. George questions them on Len and his traditonal ways.

Here’s to the results show tonight! 😉

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"Dance is the hidden language of the soul" ~ Martha Graham. That's what DWTS makes me think of every Monday night. To read more about me and view more loves of mine, see Lisa Kay Photography. You can also follow me at Voguerista Twitter & Voguerista Soundcloud.

DWTS 12, Week 4 – The Dancers Discuss Kirstie Alley’s Shoe Malfunction (Videos)

How unfortunate Kirstie had to experience another mishap on the show lastnight. She’s starting to think the “Dance Gods” are upset with her. But, seriously, this isn’t the first time and things can go wrong with shoes a lot. The dancers talk about it below.

I Written By

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul" ~ Martha Graham. That's what DWTS makes me think of every Monday night. To read more about me and view more loves of mine, see Lisa Kay Photography. You can also follow me at Voguerista Twitter & Voguerista Soundcloud.