Pure DWTS 12 – Chris Jericho Eyes The Viennese Waltz With A Twist

Chris describes and takes us through each challenging and intense step of last week’s dance with Cheryl in his new blog at TV Squad. Here is a fun excerpt, but, be sure to read the link for his full “blow by blow”. I love his energy and his writing. He takes you right there.

Now you might be as familiar with Savatage as I am with Celine Dion, so let me explain who they are. Savatage is a heavy metal band from Florida who in 1987 released an album called — you guessed it — ‘Hall of the Mountain King.’ (I bought it on vinyl. Look it up, kids!) Included in those grooves was a version of the classical tune. It was one of my favorite songs that year, and little did I know that 23 years later I’d be dancing a paso doble to it.

My familiarity with the song helped me find the beat instantly, and I noticed the violins, or maybe the bassoons (fun word), were taking the place of the snare drum. Then Cheryl constructed a wicked dance filled with passion and fire that matched the frantic pace of the song, and suddenly Classical Week seemed like a pretty killer idea after all!

Finally, it was showtime, and the power of the orchestra was crushing. I mean, it was heavier than a Metallica — or Savatage — concert. I felt the music transform me into a whirling dervish of intensity, climaxing in a totally front knee walk across the ballroom floor as Cheryl followed, working her flowing skirt like a magic wand that had cast a Faustian spell upon me.

If you haven’t heard yet, Cheryl is nursing a leg injury from Monday night, but, Chris tells Access Hollywood that she is on the mends and they are working hard on the new dance.

“She’s tough, she’s a dancer and it happens,” Chris said of Cheryl’s injury. “But she did hit the floor hard, I know exactly when it happened and I was like, ‘Ooh!’ in the back of my mind.”

Now though, the wrestling star said his partner is already working on new moves for next week’s dance.

“She wants to go start choreographing, she gets very angsty at this point in time,” Chris noted.

Chris and Cheryl will tackle the Viennese waltz on next week’s show, with a twist.

“All the songs have a patriotic vibe to it,” he said. “I’m excited… I’ve never done the Viennese waltz, I saw a bunch of people do different interpretations this week; I heard Len [Goodman] yell at Mark [Ballas] because this dance is 300 years old and you’re flopping around like a fish.

“I don’t know which Cheryl has in mind but I’m looking forward to it and I’m excited to continue the ball rolling and do better next week than I did this week, that’s all I can ask for,” he added.

Chris also made an appearance on The Tonight Show last night. Right now, there is an issue with the videos at their site. But, watch this link closely to view them when they get them fixed.