DWTS 12 – Derek Hough Attends The Southern Women’s Show In Nashville

Guess who took this awesome picture of Derek and a lucky fan at the Southern Women’s Show in Nashville, Tennessee yesterday? Our very own Princess Heidi!!!! Yesterday, Heidi attended the event where Derek made an appearance. He answered any questions from the audience which included questions on his personal life, dancing, and Dancing With The Stars. Below is a take from an article at Pure Derek Hough. But, be sure to travel to the Main page because it will take you to more pictures and some super cool video coverage filmed up close by the Princess herself. Note how she is not finished reporting on this special event. Part 2 is coming later with even more videos.

Anyway, I have video coming later but I thought I would share these pictures now. Some things you won’t hear on the videos is that Derek was pretty happy about being at a women’s show. He has “a special person” in his life (said in response to a question of if he is dating anyone) – this was said early on before he makes a comment on one of the videos that is pretty funny. You’ll know it when you see it – the two comments were close enough together to be telling. He was asked who he was close to in terms of the other pros and he mentioned Mark, Cheryl and Maks specifically then said he was friends with all of them and had no issues with any of them. He was asked how he felt about Ryan Seacrest and he said he’s a cool guy and that he (Ryan) hasn’t done anything to make him (Derek) mad yet – something like that. Paraphrasing, of course. Later on he mentioned that Julianne has sold her house in Nashville and is in LA now (when not in Miami for Rock of Ages) – then he was really cute when he said “Gee, I don’t know WHY she would move to LA” and everyone laughed.