DWTS Season 12, Week 5 – Who’s Dancing What…and When?

Okay, going out of town tomorrow morning so my buds Vogue and Court will have to update this if anyone tweets their dance order after about 11 pm tonight. I am taking my laptop, so I may be able to do Dancing by the Numbers, but that may be more challenging. We’ll see. πŸ™‚

We have another week of a random mixture of dances the couples haven’t done before – I sure would LOVE to know the process for determining who gets what dance and WHEN the producers decide who’s doing what. My question is, is this another way to manipulate the results?? Or is it a direct result of wacky theme weeks?? That is, when you do a theme where the celebs pick the music and do a dance that tells something personal about them, does it throw everything out of wack by eliminating certain dances for certain couples??? Because it seems out of wack to me. Two Sambas, three foxtrots, a rumba, a quickstep and a V. Waltz??? Seems like a pretty wacky combo to me. Here’s who’s dancing what:

Ralph and Karina – Samba
Voting Number: 1.800.VOTE4.08

Kenda and Louis – Foxtrotdancing 7th (per Louis’ twitter)
Voting Number: 1.800.VOTE4.07

Chelsea and Mark – Samba
Voting Number: 1.800.VOTE4.01

Kirstie and Maks – Foxtrot
Voting Number: 1.800.VOTE4.11

Romeo and Chelsie – Foxtrot
Voting Number: 1.800.VOTE4.05

Chris and Cheryl – Viennese Waltz – dancing 2nd (per Cheryl’s Twitter)
Voting Number: 1.800.VOTE4.09

Hines and Kym – Rumba
Voting Number: 1.800.VOTE4.03

Petra and Dmitry – Quickstep
Voting Number: 1.800.VOTE4.04

Is it just me, or could this be a bad week of dancing?? Petra doing the quickstep could highlight that her feet just ain’t there – although it IS more likely they will actually stay on the FLOOR this time. Romeo on the foxtrot?? Doesn’t sound good for Romeo – I could be wrong. Chelsea and the Samba?? That girl got away with having weird hips in her Cha Cha, will she again?? Or has she worked it out? Kendra and the Foxtrot? Girl hates ballroom so combine that with Louis saying it’s “not traditional” and we could finally see the last of her. Ralph I just don’t know about – Samba?? His only other uptempo dance was the Jive and that knocked him down the leader board a good way. Hopefully by week 5 he’s got what it takes (because I lurve him πŸ™‚ )

I guess the only ones I see POSSIBLY doing well are Kirstie (Foxtrot), Chris (V. Waltz) and Hines (Rumba). And even these I’m not sure about. Kirstie is the queen of the unfortunate mishap who seriously needs a good, clean dance. Chris did well with the Paso (23) and his quickstep (23), so I think the V.Waltz is a fortunate choice for him. As for Hines, he seems to do everything pretty well, but the Rumba can be a crazy dance. Especially combined with the “Americana” week crapola. I think it’s possible that Kym will be the most challenged pro this week.

I dunno – I guess we will see. πŸ™‚