Dancing With The Stars 12 – Petra Nemcova and Dmitry Chaplin’s Quickstep Tonight Near And Dear To Them

In a new TV Guide interview, Petra gives us a teaser for what’s to come tonight. She says her and Dmitry’s Quickstep is a “thank you for all the opportunities” they’ve received by coming to the U.S.. Being they weren’t born in America, this night is “near and dear to their hearts”. Details below and at the link for more on her challenges and journey. Picture above from Dmitry’s twiiter.

How’s the quickstep coming?
Petra Nemcova: Very well. It’s different from the devilish paso doble! Now I can be smiley and more myself, which is definitely more enjoyable. But it’s all-American week and we want to say thank you. We accomplished our dreams because of the openness of everyone’s hearts here in America. My dream was to help children and I was fortunate to establish the Happy Hearts Fund. One of the greatest things about Americans is that there’s such a strong philanthropic identity in the DNA of the U.S. It’s such a charitable nation, so it’s a thank you for all the opportunities not only for my dreams, but for the dreams of children all around the world.

Are you telling a story throughout the dance?
Nemcova: We do have a story, but it’s not related to the thank you, because the song is about a special city in the U.S. There’s no other place like this city, so we kind of had to make it more themed about the city. The singer of the song is one of the greatest in history, so we’re very excited about it. I think it’s going to be great.

Did you have any trouble learning the choreography?
Nemcova: There are so many fast steps! I was a bit afraid of the quickstep because everyone said it was challenging. It’s definitely fast and it’s a challenge, but I’m enjoying it. I’m picking it up. I still have to work on many things. And the stamina — it’s crazy at the end, you’re just like, “Oh my God!” Dmitry needs extra energy, but I need new feet! They are burning! It’s a stamina dance, but it’s good to be able to smile through it.

Below is something else Petra posted on their tonight dance at her twitter. Note how Len helped them this week.

Edit to Add: A video from The Huffington Post today of the two playing around during rehearsals and make-up last week.