DWTS Stats Class – Week 5

Patriot Night! Is everyone wearing their reds, whites, and blues tonight?

I’m not either… But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to enjoy tonight’s dances… well as long as they are good… I hope.

Ralph and Karina – Samba
– Age [40s]: 20.765
– Occupation [Actor]: 24.625
– Pro Partner: 23
Predicted Score: 22
Thoughts: After Ralph’s high scoring opening number… his been middle of the pack thus far in accordance to the judges… the Samba isn’t exactly an easy dance technically-wise, especially the hip action. I’m thinking his score is going to go down a little here.

Kirstie and Maks – Foxtrot
– Age [60s]: 23.667
– Occupation [Actress]: 23.125
– Pro Partner: 23.714
Predicted Score: 23
Thoughts: Ok… so it’s been four weeks and Kirstie has had a mishap in two of the four dances. Particularly the SLOW dances (Rumba, Waltz), Foxtrot is more middle of the road speed… so I’m thinking that she’s not going to has a mishap this time around… and if she does, it’s probably because things come in threes.

Romeo and Chelsie – Foxtrot
– Age [20s]: 23
– Occupation [Singer]: 22.25
– Pro Partner: 21
Predicted Score: 22
Thoughts: Ok… I’m liking Romeo a bit more, as opposed to the judges. I want him to be a man in this dance, to frame Chelsie and give her that gentlemanly masculinity that he’s more than capable of portraying. If he does that then I expect to see him around for another week.

Chris and Cheryl – Viennese Waltz
– Age [40s]: 21.4
– Occupation [Athlete]: 26
– Pro Partner: 24.5
Predicted Score: 24
Thoughts: Chris has been growing on me over the weeks. But unfortunately he hasn’t been all that memorable either. Here’s hoping for something solid to pin him down on (no pun intended).

Petra and Dmitry – Quickstep
– Age [30s]: 24.026
– Occupation [Model]: 21.2
– Pro Partner: 23.5
Predicted Score: 22
Thoughts: The Quickstep is a foot placement heavy dance. And with Petra’s tendency of dancing off her feet rather than on it, I’m thinking the score SHOULD be lower, but will it be?

Hines and Kym – Rumba
– Age [30s]: 24.653
– Occupation [NFL]: 23.5
– Pro Partner: 23.667
Predicted Score: 23
Thoughts: Hines has been on a hell of an uphill climb these past few weeks. His personality is rather infectious, but will it come out during something as slow and romantic as the Rumba? I’m not entirely convinced, but I could be proven wrong.

Chelsea and Mark – Samba
– Age [20s]: 26.615
– Occupation [Disney]: 25
– Pro Partner: 23.75
Predicted Score: 25
Thoughts: The upbeat Samba tends to favor the young (not necessarily the young at heart). Chelsea has been getting decent marks thus far… She could do well here AND get away with crazy personality in the process… dammit.

Kendra and Louis – Foxtrot
– Age [20s]: 23
– Occupation [Reality TV]: 19.857
– Pro Partner: 23.188
Predicted Score: 22
Thoughts: I got nothing, she shouldn’t EVEN be around. Foxtrot is an elegant dance with a flair of a personality thrown in. If Kendra doesn’t embrace the elegance I want her OUT. That’s all I got to say.