DWTS Season 12, Week 5 – Mark Ballas and Chelsea Kane Buckling Down To Bring A-game

Mark Ballas tells USA Today he was nervous for the results show this past week especially with four teams in the top two. He also talks of their new dance coming up. They plan to really buckle down and bring their a-game for this upcoming Monday night. More below.

And … exhale. Thanks to our fans, we’re able to take a breath. Because of your support, we’re buckling down this week to make sure we bring our A-game.

I was really nervous for Tuesday’s Results show. There were four teams in the top two this week, with Romeo and Chelsie getting the encore. Even though Team Kanenball was tied for second with a 26, I was still quite anxious for the reveal. Typically, the team with the encore is safe that week. With three other teams below us, I thought it was a very real possibility for us to be saved late in the show again.

This week we have the Quick Step. It’s the fastest of all the ballroom dances, and Chelsea has responded quite well to the faster dances. Remember how well she did on her Samba this week? Even though that’s a Latin dance, it was really fast. I expect Chelsea to continue her push for the mirror ball trophy.

The theme this week is Guilty Pleasures Week: songs you hate to admit that you love. My guilty pleasures are eating Domino’s Pizza and playing the video game Mortal Kombat. I’m stoked that the newest edition of Mortal Kombat is coming out this month. I’m preordering it!

Heidi’s Note: I will have to check (because that’s how I am) Mark’s assertion that the encore team is “typically” safe. I can think of 3 instances where that was not the case, so I bet there is more. Really shouldn’t put that idea in the fans heads – or Chelsea’s.