Dancing With The Stars 12, Week 6 – Las Vegas Odds Before Showtime

What a shake-up again this week for the Las Vegas Odds! They’ve got Kirstie next to last. *CRIES* She really needs to come out this week. Hines is in a strong first positition. I am glad to see Ralph still at the top. I was worried after last week’s dance. So, here’s to tomorrow night! ANYTHING could happen!!!! (Heidi’s Note: These jokers are guessing just like the rest of us only they are placing all their money on judges scores. When the odds change this much from week to week?? Jokers.)

1. Hines Ward 6/5
2. Chelsea Kane 4/1
3. Ralph Macchio 5/1
4. Chris Jericho 15/2
5. Lil’ Romeo 15/2
6. Kirstie Alley 10/1
7. Kendra Wilkinson 18/1

Source: SportsBoDog