DWTS Season 12, Week 6 – Who’s Dancing What…and When?

I can’t believe it’s Week 6 already! I’ve also ALMOST given up hope that anyone is going to spill their dance order any more. Almost…but not quite. ABC will pimp the crap out of Mark and Pia, but heaven forbid we find out what order they’re dancing in.

Again an odd mix dances this week, but the only double is the Samba – which oddly seems more normal. Or maybe I’m looking for logic in the illogical. πŸ™‚

Ralph and Karina – Paso Doble
Voting Number: 1.800.VOTE4.08

Little preview from Karina –

Kenda and Louis – Samba – dancing 5th (per Louis’ Twitter)
Voting Number: 1.800.VOTE4.07

Chelsea and Mark – Quickstep
Voting Number: 1.800.VOTE4.01

Kirstie and Maks – Samba – dancing 1st (per Kirstie’s Twitter)
Voting Number: 1.800.VOTE4.11

Romeo and Chelsie – Waltz
Voting Number: 1.800.VOTE4.05

Chris and Cheryl – Tango – dancing 2nd (per Cheryl’s Twitter)
Voting Number: 1.800.VOTE4.09

Hines and Kym – Viennese Waltz
Voting Number: 1.800.VOTE4.03

I think those with Samba may have issues – Kirstie and Kendra – but they could surprise me. Ralph is looking pretty good except for his hands (which I’m sick of hearing about, frankly – how about we pick on Kendra’s feet??). Chelsea will likely be fine, provided that people aren’t sick of hearing about Pia and Mark. I think the Tango will play to Chris’ strengths. Hines and the V. Waltz?? No idea. Same goes for Romeo and the Waltz. A hard call in both cases. I think Hines will likely do just fine. πŸ™‚