Dancing With The Stars 12, Week 6 – Post Show Interviews & Highlights (Videos)

What a night on Dancing With The Stars. Lots of good dancing for the most part and we saw our first “10’s” of the Season. Here is Tony Dovolani on Good Morning America today with some highlights and a review (he clearly seems to favor Mark and Chelsea.uggh).

Our favorite Dancing With The Stars interviewer from ABC LA, George Pennacchio, interviewed all of our couples to get a reaction on their dances, the judges scores, and some information about next week’s dances if they make it.

First up, here is Kirstie and Maks ecstatic about their dance and funny as ever. Also, George asks them on an upcoming “Team Cha Ca” if they make it tonight.

Ralph and Karina talk about the fall last night and the futuristic choreography they created (which I LOVED!).

Romeo discusses how much he has ended up loving the show and dancing….which he never thought he could do. He wants to buy Chelsie diamonds.

Chelsea and Mark dish on the stressful dance rehearsal they had the day before the show, Mark’s injury, and their high scores regardless of the challenges this past week.

Kendra had fun “for once” (“for once”? Geezzz. and I thought she said she had fun last week. I guess not). Louis said Carrie Ann thinks they are a contender now. He also talk of next week’s dance if they make it (the Tango or Paso Doble).

Hines and Kym talk about their friendship and chemistry. Hines just wants to try and stay consistant. They loved the standing ovation for them last night.

Lastly, Chris and Cheryl discuss how they are perfectionists. They also talk on the scores lastnight and if their fans voted for them. Cheryl seems very nervous.

Access Hollywood also interviewed our dancing couples. Below is Ralph and Karina on the night. Be sure to see the link for more interviews.

Ok, that is all for now for this Week 6 interview roundup. Here’s to the results show tonight!! It’s going to be a fun one!! 😉