DWTS 12 “Guilty Pleasures” Week – Skimpy, Cut-out, Beaded Costumes Dominated The Dance Floor

Stylist takes us backstage with Randall Christensen once again to discuss this week’s costume highlights and how he and his crew were inspired. I love what he says about Kirstie and how they have to keep taking in her costumes every week. He addresses the costume issue in Karina’s fall too and more.

Kendra Wilkinson: For her booty-shaking Samba the reality star and her partner, Louis van Amstel wanted “to express “Livin La Vida Loca” and beaded fringe did it,” says Christensen. “Of course the cut of the dress — sexy neckline, bare sides, micro miniskirt — lent itself to those steamy nights in Rio de Janeiro.” The look produced the desired reaction: Judge Bruno Tonioli described the performance as “attack of the killer boobs” and Wilkinson earned her best score.

Kirstie Alley: The 60-year-old actress recently proclaimed she’s almost danced her way into a size 6 and the short, copper, fringe-accented Samba dress Christensen created was a celebration of her toned figure. “I love dressing curvy women and accentuating those feminine curves was a blast,” says Christensen who used short bands of fringe to smother Alley’s skirt with shades of copper and brown. “Kirstie is quite literally melting away and we are taking in her costumes every week. That beautiful transformation of slimming down by toning up is wonderful to witness.”

Ralph Macchio: Smirnoff told co-host Brooke Burke after a week spent worrying if Macchio could manage his dramatic paso doble cape, she tripped on it. Before performing in his royal blue, gold and hot pink opera jacket, “Ralph actually practiced with a cape skirt to familiarize himself with the extra movement the cape would make,” Christensen says. And the couples’ dress rehearsal went off without a hitch: “I’m always biting my nails during dress rehearsal — which is only two hours before we go live on the East Coast — to make sure the costumes function properly without interfering with the performance.” He gave Macchio kudos for his “chivalrous recovery.”

Chelsea Kane: Thirty-five yards of silk chiffon were used to execute Kane’s vision of a flirty, bedazzled “schoolgirl on a field trip” dress.

Romeo: For his “Titanic” themed waltz, Christensen created a flowing, feminine, turn-of-the-century inspired multi-colored ballgown for partner Chelsie Hightower, while dressing the rapper in a replica of Leonardo DiCaprio’s “Jack” costume. The ruched midriff and square neckline on Hightower’s dress were in keeping with the couples’ romantic vision.

The Miami Herald has a great new interview up with Randall as well this week. Below he addresses the wildest costume he ever had to design for the show, Kirstie’s shoe mishap, and more. Be sure to read the rest of the interview at the link because he also talks about why women over 40 are “so hot”.

What is the wildest outfit you ever created?
I would have to say dressing Toni Braxton in a Marie Antoinette “cage’’ gown . . . in four days! That was our biggest challenge and our most over-the-top costume. Another would be Joana Kruppa’s “Futuristic Paso Doble’’ and wiring the lights all over her costume, and keeping them working while she danced a strenuous routine.

Kirstie Alley had a shoe mishap. Is that common?
Losing a shoe is one of those freak accidents. When she was being spun across the floor, Kirstie made sure her foot did not come off the floor; thereby being penalized for doing a “lift.’’ She put a lot of pressure on her foot to maintain contact with the floor. Unfortunately, her toes slipped out.

How do you choose the high heels? Aren’t they hard to dance in?
Typically, a 2.5 to a 3 inch heel is the best height for proper balance and skeletal alignment. The shoes we use [made from a company in Beverly Hills] are specially made for a dance floor with suede soles. They are quite lightweight yet still have a strong steel shank to support the arch and heel.

Do celebs have any choice in what they wear?
Definitely. All of the contestants are in on each design session. They need to feel their most confident, and it is my job to get inside their head and find out what makes them tick, what makes them happy.

So, which costumes did you like the most this week? Once again, I have to give this honor to Chelsie and Romeo. Chelsie was gorgeous in purple chiffon. I loved Maks and Kirstie’s costumes too. I was hoping she’d choose something dark and with long fringes. They need to be careful about giving her bright colors.

More photos (like the photos above) at OnTheRedCarpet.com.