Dancing With The Stars 12 – Mark Ballas Can’t Remember When He Was This Excited

And his foot has never been this cold! 😯

Mark has a new blog up at USA Today. He gives us a hint of what’s to come of the team dance and he and Chelsea’s new dance coming up where they get to choose the music (uh oh, watch out!). More below. Be sure to read the link too if interested for he details what happened with his injury this past week as well. He’s been icing his foot and will continue to do so. Picture above from his twitter.

….I was thrilled with our scores this week. I feel like Team Kanenball is really hitting a groove. In fact, we’ve been scored first twice in the last three weeks, and came in second by only one point. We’ve been at the top of the leader board, and we have no plans to leave. Hopefully the judges and the fans feel the same way.

I’m looking forward to this week because we have two dances, one being a group dance. That’s means there will be additional stress on Chelsea to learn more choreography but we also have to work as a team and be at the mercy of our teammates. I can’t remember the last time I was this excited to dance to our song for the week. I can’t tell you what it is, but just know that I’m really pumped about it. As pro dancers and choreographers, we get to suggest music that we want to dance to and when our wish gets granted, it’s both exciting and inspiring. I can’t wait!

As you saw this week, I’m a very competitive person. Being able to pull out the competitive side in Chelsea has been a challenge, but she definitely stepped it up this week and showed that she wants to win. Tonight’s our first group rehearsal and in order to make it through all the grueling rehearsals this week on a lame ankle, I need to keep up with my icing schedule.