DWTS Season 12, Week 6 – Hines Ward And Kym Johnson Getting Ready To Tango and More

Kym writes that she thought her and Hines’ Waltz was “beautiful” this week in her new blog at OK Magazine. They would “love to get a 10”, but their goal “was to always stay as contenders and be in the top three”. She also writes that she didn’t think Hines was “thinking too much” like Carrie Ann said. I have to question that as well. Sometimes I don’t understand how Carrie Ann judges or scores? From the 3 judges, she annoys me the most. More below on this topic and how Kym and Hines are readying for their new dance (the Tango) and the Team Cha Cha too. I love these two!

Although Carrie Ann Inaba said she thought he was thinking too much last night, I didn’t see that at all. The story was: I left him, he was begging for me to come back — beforehand he told me his acting skills aren’t that great, so he was thinking, “I want you back,” in his head. He says his acting skills aren’t great, but I felt the emotion and I felt that he was really into the dance so I didn’t see that myself. I think he did an amazing job.

If we get through we’ll have the Tango next week, which I’m very excited about. I think that’ll be a good one for Hines. I’ll get to work on that tonight. If we get through we also have a team dance, the first time we all dance together as a team. Which is really good fun, so I’m looking forward to that as well. We’ll have six left after tonight, so three on each time and we all do a dance together, which is always really good fun.

From now on in, we do two dances a week, so the pressure starts to pick up. This is when the competition really starts.

This week, we’re going to the Race to Erase MS Ball. I’ll be walking in the parade, which will be really fun. We’re doing that on Friday. So we’ll still get a bit of time to have some fun. The show that I was in on Broadway is here at the moment at the Pantages Theater. It’s called Burn the Floor, so I’m going to take Hines to see that as well, a bit of research for him!

Picture above from the DWTS Hair Team’s facebook page.