DWTS Season 12, Week 6 – Hines Ward Defends Carrie Ann Inaba’s Comments

Below is a take from a new interview with Hines at theLA Times. Like Kym in her new blog, he defends Carrie Ann’s comments where she said he looked like he was thinking about the dance instead of feeling it (I still think she was off for saying that). Hines also mentions about staying focused on dancing and not letting any football issues getting in the way currently. He also answers a question about Romeo and if he was offended on his “MVP” comment (I didn’t take Romeo’s comment too seriously. I thought it was all in fun, did you? Or did Romeo go too far?). More below and at the link.

Q: Carrie Ann said for the first time it looked like you were thinking about the dance instead of just feeling it. True?
I really don’t think so. I prepared for this dance just as hard as I have all the others and I didn’t feel as though I was thinking any differently about this one. I was comfortable with it and didn’t think I was overthinking anything but I guess Carrie Ann saw something from her perspective and I will take her comments to heart when I do my next dance.

Q: Does all the lockout news distract you during the week, or are you able to stay focused on the competition?
I really don’t think about the lockout situation at all. I am too busy during my week preparing for my next dance and setting my sights on the Mirror Ball trophy. So this show has not only been an amazing experience but it has also been a great distraction during this stressful off-season.

Q: Chelsea stepped up her game, and Romeo said he wants to be the real MVP of the show, which sounds like a playful jab at you. Do you feel like the gloves are off and it’s a competition now?
I have felt like this was a friendly competition from day one. I really like everybody who is competing but at the end of the day we all have one goal in mind and that’s to win this thing. Since there can only be one winner we all know that we have to give it our best week in and week out. But we all get along great so we can still keep our friendships even in the midst of the competition. Since we are coming down to the wire now we all are concerned about stepping it up and bringing our A game every week. And right now, it’s anybody’s game to win.

Oh, and here is a close-up of the detail on Kym’s dress this past week. Isn’t it gorgeous? More close-ups of the other dresses worn this past week at the Dancing With The Stars Make-up Facebook page.