DWTS Stats Class – Week 7

“Ballroom Greats” Theme Night…? Er?

See Guilty Pleasure Night I totally agreed with, that was nice. Hell I wouldn’t mind a “One Hit Wonders” Night to bring back some good old fashioned memories, but puhlease!

ANYWAY! To the predictions

Ralph and Karina – Quickstep
– Age [40s]: 22.412
– Occupation [Actor]: 24.333
– Pro Partner: 21.143
Averaged Predicted Score: 22
Thoughts: Ok, I’m a little excited about this dance, mainly because I loved his Foxtrot in the opening week and the magic that came with it and I REALLY want to see that spark again. They captured the spark last week had it not been for the mishap, I’m hoping that the sparkle stays this week.

Kirstie and Maks – Jive
– Age [60s]: 21
– Occupation [Actress]: 21
– Pro Partner: 23.6
Averaged Predicted Score: 21
Thoughts: Umm, help? I don’t know if this is a very good choice for Kirstie considering how winded she has been after dancing. I’m worried, very very worried, but if anything she’s had time to build up some stamina along the way, so here’s hoping.

Romeo and Chelsie – Samba
– Age [20s]: 26.615
– Occupation [Singer]: 25.222
– Pro Partner: 22
Averaged Predicted Score: 24
Thoughts: Romeo is continuing his uphill climb on the leaderboard tying for first last week. Is he peaking too early or just right? Only time will tell.

Hines and Kym – Tango
– Age [30s]: 25.283
– Occupation [NFL]: 23.5
– Pro Partner: 24.8
Averaged Predicted Score: 24
Thoughts: Hines is probably one of the few celebrities that is pretty strong in both ballroom and latin dances. He’s that fantastic balance. I expect him to do decently well in the Tango, just how well? I don’t know

Chelsea and Mark – Paso Doble
– Age [20s]: 26.8
– Occupation [Disney]: 26
– Pro Partner: 28.6
Averaged Predicted Score: 27
Thoughts: Ok, I’ll admit it, she is grudgingly rubbing off on me and I don’t like it. But the numbers show that she is slowly climbing up the leaderboard as well. Still I prefer Romeo/Chelsie pairing over the Chelsea/Mark pairing. But considering this is a Quickstep I expect her scores to go sky high.

Kendra and Louis – Tango
– Age [20s]: 25.25
– Occupation [Reality TV]: 20.5
– Pro Partner: 24.25
Averaged Predicted Score: 23
Thoughts: I’m going to repeat what I said last week: Why the frack is she still around? Can’t we cut her out please? Like now? I’ve got nothing to say about her, she’s not improving in my opinion, and her comments come off as odd for me. So yeah, gone… like now… like last week. Now aside from all that, I’ll grudgingly admit, she seemed to have fun with her Samba last week, granted that table dance was a bit over the top, and she seemed far too comfortable up there, regardless, unless she gets over her phobia over the more elegant dances, I really don’t want to watch her.