Pure DWTS 12, Week 7 – Interviews After Dance Night (Videos)

George Pennacchio of ABC LA/On The Red Carpet reviews and interviewers our 6 dancing couples from last night after the show. Once again, he does such a good job and gets down to the nitty gritty of it all.

First Up, here is Kirstie and Maks on the most controversial scores of the Season and their characters for their dance. Maks explained what happened in rehearsal this past week. He doesn’t want to back off of Kirstie because he knows how well she can dance;

Romeo is defensive about his dance last night. He wants to come back next week to “show those judges”;

Hines and Kym talk on the pressure of a 4th judge added and a legend. But, Hines is having a blast and wants to continue to give it his all.

Karina and Ralph are much happier with their dance last night versus their dance last week. They loved the “10” they received, but, Karina questions the “8” Len gave them.

Kendra and Louis are in the middle and happy with this position. Kendra says they are slowly climbing their way to the top. (I’m starting to soften on her a little. Her attitude is a little better and she’s settling in more.)

Mark and Chelsea talk about the talent of his Mom and how she helped them this week with her honesty. Mark wasn’t happy with the scores the week (like always). He says “whatever”. (now these two I am not softening on in the least. I’m only more annoyed. Mark seems bitter and spoiled.)

Here is ET Online interviewing all of our couples. Kirstie talks about the planned kiss. Ralph and Hines talk on their 10’s. Kendra tells us that Louis designed her dress after Barbie(I liked it, did you?). Chelsea now knows where Mark gets his drive>>> from his MOM!

Access Hollywood interviewed our couples as well last night. Here is one I thought was particularly interesting. Maks talks about his experience during 9-11. More videos at the link.

Stay tuned to this spot. I may add more videos later. πŸ˜‰