Dancing With The Stars Season 12 – Saying Good-bye To ‘Late Blooming Flower’ Kendra Wilkinson

Len called it when he said Kendra was a “late blooming flower” last night. I’ve been so critical of her all Season. But, this week there was a lot of improvement with her attitude and she was finally starting to settle in. So, now I’m a little sorry to see her go. Anyway, here’s to Kendra. I think, if anything, she learned a lot from the show and about dancing. Plus, she made some new friends along the way. She went out laughing and with a positive attitude. She gave it all she had. With that, she should be proud.

Below are some interviews from last night after their elimination. Jimmy Kimmel is hilarious as always in the first video. He buries her dancing shoes at Sea with Bin Laden.lol

This is a great interview too. Good Morning America recaps Kendra and Louis’ journey. They talk about their costumes and more. They hope Kirstie will win this Season.