DWTS Season 12 – Are Modern Twists And Risks Hurting Mark Ballas And Chelsea Kane?

Mark has a new blog up at USA Today. As you will soon read, he thought his and Chelsea’s Paso Doble was perfect. I hate to say it, but, I don’t think we are going to see any changes in his style of dancing (or ego) anytime soon. More below and at the link. He talks of how well his new album is selling too.

I’m very grateful to the fans for supporting and voting for us. I loved our paso doble so much and I think Chelsea absolutely nailed it. As I’ve said previously, we’re in season 12 and fans of the show now have a high Latin and ballroom IQ (if they didn’t already). I think it’s important to be creative in the choreography to keep the fans on their toes. It may not have been as traditional as other pasos, but ours had all the necessary elements and steps. I thought it had a very fun and modern twist!

Because of this philosophy, I don’t always see eye to eye with the judges, especially Len. I’ve known Len, literally, since I was born. He’s family to me, like a grandfather, but we fundamentally differ on this. I guess that’s the difference in our generations, but I assure you, there’s nothing but love there between us! Tonight, Len said that Chelsea was the best dancer in the competition. I appreciate his acknowledgement and certainly agree that she can do it all, from Latin to ballroom, technically to emotionally. In fact, because Len is the most critical judge for technique, it’s a huge compliment for Chelsea. He had the same positivity for Bristol last season with her near-perfect footwork, and we danced all the way to the finals.

In a new Access Hollywood interview the two talk about the elimination last night and the “risks” they are taking on the show. Mark says he would not change a thing and he is proud of Chelsea.

My thoughts are if he could set his ego and overpowering her dances aside, the modern day twists and risks might work. In fact, I like it. But, right now all many fans (including myself) are seeing is EGO and disrespect for the judges and tradition.

Note: They have the Slow Waltz next week and the Salsa in the “Instant Dance”.