DWTS Season 12, Week 7 – Maksim Chmerkovskiy Planning To Step It Up A Notch With Kirstie Alley & More

Heidi’s Note: This was supposed to be posted yesterday, but the day got ahead of us. 🙂

Maks is a little late with his blog at TV Guide, but, he’s made up for it for what he’s written. First, he not only praises Kirstie’s dancing and challenges to do so, but, Kirstie’s “spirit”. You can really feel how much he cares in his writing. He also talks on both dances Monday night and how he thinks everyone is doing. He didn’t like Donny added to the judging panel much. Maks would like to “judge” sometime and he says he would do just that. All this and more below and at TV Guide.

All joking aside, I’m not trying to find the good in every bad. I’m kind of a perfectionist, but I can’t not be happy for Kirstie. I can’t be mad that it was the best dance. Yes, the steps were messed up. Yes, we were out of sync. But honestly, it was cool to dance next to her and to feel that positive energy. She was having such a good time that I don’t need to worry about how good a performance it was. There have been amazing dances I’ve done in the past with people who didn’t enjoy the process. Kirstie is truly embracing every second of it, so it’s very cool and very nice to see that. I was genuinely very, very happy for her. I was trying to make sure she doesn’t get upset afterward and she wasn’t. She belonged out there. She allowed herself to relax and enjoy it. Eight weeks ago, I had a woman on a verge of heart attack who couldn’t dance more than 20 seconds of a cha-cha. Now, she’s out there performing a jive and enjoying the hell out of it.

I really hope fans and the audience could see Kirstie’s excitement and enjoyment of the dance. I feel like Kirstie represents way too many people out there. They live vicariously through her. It’s refreshing to see someone put in that situation. She’s done it all. This is another chapter in her life that she’s tackling with grace. I have the utmost respect and admiration for her. This show is a miniature version of life. Every experience we’ve had is tremendous and special. The way she embraces successes and failures is amazing. On the press line last night, she said that she wants to redo the jive at the showcase dinner I’m organizing for my students this summer. I’m kind of worried because I don’t even think Madison Square Garden can fit everyone who wants to see Kirstie! We may have to broadcast something in Times Square!

Bias or not, I think our team dance was a lot better. We definitely had better lines. As for the package, I think everyone knows how producers pick out story lines for everyone every week. First of all, we were not unprepared. We’ve already done the cha-cha, so how could we be unprepared? Second of all, we’re the happiest couple out there. We definitely have one of the best chemistry of all the partnerships.

Access Hollywood interviewed Maks and Kirstie after the results show lastnight. Maks said Kirstie is “like a pretty building without no foundation” and is hoping to fix that. More below for his plans for next week. They have the Argentine Tango and the Salsa (two of my favorite kind of dances. 🙂 ).

Don’t forget thus fun duo will be on The Ellen Show tomorrow (Thursday). Should be lots of fun!!!