Dancing With The Stars 12 – Kym Johnson On The Competiton Going Into Overdrive And More

Kym has penned a new Blog at OK! Magazine. She writes about her and Hines’ first “10” of the Season and how excited they were to receive it being the dance was extra hard for Hines to learn. Lucca helped them from a “man’s perspective”. She also talks about the team dance and a little about what’s coming. Be sure to see the link as she posted some fun pictures backstage. Have I said how much I love these two? Both class acts and he is so full of charm.

Hines was so over the moon last night, he was so excited to get that 10. It was a really difficult dance for him, so he worked extra hard on it. It was really nice to have it pay off getting a 10, because it was a very challenging dance.

It was great having Lucca with us this week in practice. I used to learn off Lucca when I was in London, he’s an old friend, so it was really nice to have him come in and show Hines from a man’s perspective, because he’s normally used to just me being in the room. I don’t Hines has ever danced with a man before, so that was definitely a new experience for him!

The team dance was really fun, it was nice wokring with the other cleebrities and dancers instead of just Hines and I by ourselves. That was a lot of fun, I think our team did really well. We definitely had a really good time. It made us bond more with everyone. However that was the one and only team dance, now it’s just us from here on out. It was fun having the team one but it was a lot of work — we had to make sure we had the formations right, so it was a little bit more stressful.

We’ve got two dances every week from now on, so the competition has kicked into overdrive. It’s exciting! Now it’s just Hines and I so we can focus on our own dances. It should be good. The pressure is really on now, especially for the pros because we have to choreograph two dances and also come up with designs for the costumes. It does become a lot of work — if we get through, we can say goodbye to any sort of regular life for the next couple of weeks! We’ll be practicing day and night — like 10 hours per day, like five then have a break and go back. It’s pretty much eat, sleep, dance — that’s all we do!

Hines was also interviewed by the LA Times. He dishes on this past week as well and what a big help Lucca was to him. Here is a take below. Read more at the link.

Q: Your first 10 of the season. That must have been a big confidence boost. How did having Luca Baricchi come in this week help? It seemed he was really beneficial to all the guys he worked with.
He was very helpful. I mean to have the advice of someone of his caliber from the dance world is like having a Jerry Rice or a Lynn Swann giving me advice about my play on the football field. Plus it was nice to hear the advice of another male dancer on how I could improve and be the best partner I can be for Kym. He was great.

Q: On Mondays, would you rather dance first and get it over with (and take the chance the audience at home will forget about you) or dance last after watching everyone else (and have your dance fresh in the audence’s minds at home).
I kind of like being in the middle so I can see how the judges are feeling and then see what I am up against from the other celebs. Plus I listen to what the judges are saying to the others and take the advice to heart for myself in my dance.