DWTS Season 12 – Hines in Handcuffs?

Well, they make this sound like SOP, but to me it sounds pretty ridiculous. Handcuffs and gunpoint?? From ET, click the link for the whole story:

“Dancing with the Stars” contestant and Pittsburgh Steelers football player Hines Ward was stopped by police early Thursday while riding as a passenger in a car that was reported stolen; he was removed with the female driver and handcuffed at gunpoint

Once it was established that the woman was the rightful owner of the vehicle, she was released with Hines and allowed to go. The police spokesperson said the two had been placed in handcuffs at gunpoint because this is operating procedure when it is assumed that a felony might have been committed.

A rep for Hines told ET: “It was a misunderstanding, the police were just doing their job. Apologies were made and Hines was very cooperative and understanding. He is fine and it’s over.”

Hines and his people are class acts – it would have been easy to make this into a huge deal. I would certainly be tempted. Kirstie makes a funny about it:

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