Dancing With The Stars 12, Week 8 – Las Vegas Odds Before The Show

Well, our dancing couples have almost defied the Las Vegas Odds every week. Let’s see if this upcoming week is any different? Once again, the odds makers have Hines in first place. Note how they have Romeo and Ralph tied for third which surprises me a little after the disappointing week Romeo had last week. But, what do we know? Kirstie is in last. Let’s hope she really has a show stopping, clean dance this week to put her on the map. (Heidi’s Note: Eh, they’ve pretty much copped out – Hines at nearly even money and then essentially a 3 way tie for second place?? Really, Ralph and Romeo are only a half point behind Chelsea, with Kirstie in last place, which means they are as clueless as the rest of us. πŸ™‚ )

1. Hines Ward 4/5

2. Chelsea Kane 5/1

3. Lil’ Romeo 11/2

4. Ralph Macchio 11/2

5. Kirstie Alley 15/2

So, who do you think or hope is the couple to leave this week? I hope it’s Chelsea and Mark. If not them, Romeo and Chelsie. Just please don’t let it be Kirstie and Maks! (Heidi’s Note: This week it’s all about the scores. Will they overscore Chelsea and underscore Kirstie in an attempt to get the Final Four they want? Unfortunately, that will likely only hurt Romeo.)