DWTS Stats Class – Week 8

Ralph and Karina – Viennese Waltz
– Age [40s]: 21.4
– Occupation [Actor]: 27
– Pro Partner: 23.5
Averaged Predicted Score: 24
Thoughts: Ralph didn’t disappoint me last week, and I don’t expect him to disappoint this week. It’s a ballroom dance, and ballroom dances is more his strength. What I am more worried about is…

Ralph and Karina – ChaCha
– Age [40s]: 18.833
– Occupation [Actor]: 20.2
– Pro Partner: 19.625
Averaged Predicted Score: 19
Thoughts: This a fun and flirty dance and caters to those with good, strong personalities best. So as much as I’m worried about Ralph not doing as well in the Latin dances, this one I’m not as worried as long as he brings his personality onto the floor and loosens up a bit.

Kirstie and Maks – Argentine Tango
– Age [60s]: 22
– Occupation [Actress]: 24.333
– Pro Partner: 27.333
Averaged Predicted Score: 24
Thoughts: Here is a nice slower dance for Kirstie to start with. It requires a lot of passion and drama, and being an actress she should be ok with.

Kirstie and Maks – Salsa
– Age [60s]: 18.667
– Occupation [Actress]: 18.5
– Pro Partner: 16
Averaged Predicted Score: 17
Thoughts: Considering that the Salsa is a recent addition… there is only so much information that could be gleaned. However, it’s a Latin dance, and a bit fun and flirty which should help Kirstie a bit, however if it’s the second dance of the night that it could prove difficult for her stamina.

Romeo and Chelsie – Tango
– Age [20s]: 25.25
– Occupation [Singer]: 22.667
– Pro Partner: 23.5
Averaged Predicted Score: 23
Thoughts: Sometimes I feel that Romeo tries too hard to be too aggressive or too hard to be too fun loving… if that makes sense. The tango is one of those dances where he would have to be strong and masculine (a bit like the Paso Doble). Considering how well he’s been doing w/ the ballroom dances I’m not too worried.

Romeo and Chelsie – Salsa
– Age [20s]: 23
– Occupation [Singer]: 25.667
– Pro Partner: 24
Averaged Predicted Score: 24
Thoughts: As much as he’s improving on the ballroom dances, I felt that he’s become a bit stagnant with the Latin dances. After the first week’s chacha I didn’t feel like he has improved nearly as much as he did with the latin dances. Here’s hoping that I’m wrong.

Hines and Kym – Foctrot
– Age [30s]: 22.925
– Occupation [NFL]: 23.111
– Pro Partner: 23.571
Averaged Predicted Score: 23
Thoughts: Mr Personality gets to shine again. The personality that we all loved so much in the Latin dances gets to come out during the Foxtrot, and considering that he’s been strong in not only the Latin dances but the Ballroom dances as well, I’m not terribly worried about how he is going to progress.

Hines and Kym – Jive
– Age [30s]: 24.025
– Occupation [NFL]: 22.857
– Pro Partner: 26.2
Averaged Predicted Score: 24
Thoughts: There isn’t much more for me to add in regards to the Jive, just keep up the energy and the personality and he should be fine I think.

Chelsea and Mark – Waltz
– Age [20s]: 23.444
– Occupation [Disney]: 23.5
– Pro Partner: 23
Averaged Predicted Score: 23
Thoughts: I would say that with the waltz there is almost no way to make it cheesy, then I remember the Waltz w/ Bristol and how I rolled my eyes, and as thus stand corrected.

Chelsea and Mark – Salsa
– Age [20s]: 23
– Occupation [Disney]: 24
– Pro Partner: 24
Averaged Predicted Score: 23
Thoughts: Then again w/ the Salsa they could be as cheesy as they want to be, I think… I hope not though, b/c it would drive me batty.