Dancing With The Stars 12, Week 8 – Interviews After The Dance

Wow, what a great night it was last night. It was full of heart, guts, and stamina with our couples performing to two dances one, of which, they didn’t know the music for until showtime. But, they did it. George Pennacchio from KTLA/OnTheRedCarpet has some great interviews up showcasing and highlighting everything that went down.

First up, Chelsea and Mark are excited to be at the top of the leaderboard again, but, say there is no “security” in this competition. They hope to stick around.

Such class acts and humble as always which is Kym and Hines all the way. Hines was excited and honored to be compared to Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire which was how Kym was inspired for the dance.

Romeo repeats how he is in this thing for the kids and Chelsea. No matter what happens tonight, they just wanted to get out there and celebrate and have fun last night which they did.

In this interview, George starts out saying America’s heart broke for Ralph last night with his injury and he’s right! It did. They talk of the injury and how hard it was to dance, but, Ralph doesn’t want to quit after getting this far. George says Karina is a mother figure this Season. He says we are seeing a different Karina and it’s for all the right reasons. I so agree. They hope their fans will keep them in. Be sure to watch this all the way to the end for the comparisons to the Karate Kid. If you are like myself, it will bring tears to your eyes. I so hope these two make it and don’t have to pull out.

Below is Kirstie and Maks….goofy as always, but, they are proud of themselves. Kirstie talks about Maks being the best choreographer. Maks mentions how this was the hardest week of his life and Kirstie was stronger than he was. He explains why he threw his Mic off which was not at her. Kirstie says their dancing relationship is like a “great romance”. This is must see interview as well.

And that’s not all. Donny Osmond was a guest on Good Morning America today with his review of the night. Donny says Len is picking too much on Mark. He thinks Mark and Chelsea are the best couple this Season. He thinks Chelsea, Hines, and Kirstie will be the three to make it to the Finals. He doesn’t think Ralph will bow out of the competition and if he doesn’t, Romeo will be going home tonight. Hmm, we’ll see?

Ok, that’s it for now Guys. Here’s to the results show! I can’t wait for Dance Center. πŸ˜‰ xxx (Heidi’s Note: Shut up, Donny. That is all.)