Pure DWTS 2011 – Bristol Palin Has Landed Her Own Reality Show And Did She Have Plastic Surgery?

Ok, so I know I promised no more publicity for Bristol Palin. lol But, this just can’t be helped. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Bristol Palin is about to embark in starting her own Reality Show. BIO has ordered ten half-hour episodes of the yet untitled show which will track Bristol and her son’s move from Alaska to Los Angeles, CA. to work at a small charity and live with the Massey brothers, Kyle (her former Dancing With The Stars competitor) and Chris. Here are some more details from the link which also mentions rumors of Bristol having plastic surgery recently. What do you think? Do you think she had something done and how do you think she looks? Lastly, will you watch Bristol’s new Reality Show and do you think it will be a success? Or do you think it will bomb?

“Bristol is the kind of personality BIO is drawn to,” McKillop said in a statement. “Her personal life has been playing out in the media for several years but this will be the first time she’s opening up her real life, with her son and her friends the Massey Brothers.“

The project is being produced by Associated Television International for BIO. David McKenzie and Jim Romanovich serve as executive producers for Associated Television International. David McKillop, Tom Moody and Andy Berg serve as the executive producers for BIO.

The show is set to air at the end of this year.

Bristol already has plenty of material to work with.

She recently fueled cosmetic surgery rumors by attending a Candie’s Foundation 2011 benefit gala looking thinner and appearing to have an angular jaw line and pronounced chin (she hasn’t commented on numerous reports).

Bristol’s new show also will be a platform for her to raise awareness about the struggles of being a single mother (the boy’s father is tabloid fodder Levi Johnston, who is currently penning a tell-all on the Palin family).

“Well, Tripp was born into a one-parent home…a single-parent home… and it’s difficult for him,” she recently told CBS News. “You know, I don’t have a college education yet. I don’t have a steady job. And it’s difficult for all teen moms, no matter what they’re background is,” she added.

My thoughts: I think Bristol did have something done to her face(chin and cheeks?). I do like the darker hair color on her and the hair extensions. As for this new Reality Show, I think it will bomb like her Mom’s did. And no, I won’t be watching. I also will be disappointed and not think much of her if she uses this show as a platform to diss Levi in any way. If she does, she will only be hurting her son.

Thanks to John and Candace for the link! 😉