Dancing With The Stars Week 8 Elimination – And So We Say Good-bye To Romeo Miller (Interviews)

Well, I don’t think any of us could say we weren’t pleasantly surprised with Lil’ Romeo and his dancing this Season. Like Kyle Massey last year, many of us had never heard of Romeo before he was picked to do the show and we ended up liking him and his dancing very much. But, what was really cool is that he never let us forget his causes for dancing. Last night, was no different. He took being eliminated like a class act and again he didn’t want us to forget about how important it is to be a fighter in life and not giving up no matter what. It was a lesson not only for kids, but, for us all. So, here’s to Romeo. I really enjoyed him and his dancing this Season and I’m sure his Dad is proud. Just think, at one time, Romeo and his Dad would never have been seen in a pair of dancing shoes. lol More below when he and Chelsea talk more on their journey on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and Good Morning America today.

Edit to add: Below is George Pennacchio interviewing Romeo and Chelsie as well;