DWTS 12, Week 8 – Rate Your Favorite Couples in Order

We only have FOUR couples left now as most of you all know. If you were to rate them in order of your “favorites” for who you’d like to see win (from first to last), how would you rate them? Post your ratings in the comment section of this post. This might give us a hint of how people are “voting”, who might be in the top three for finals, and who might be eliminated next week. Feel free to add some comments too if you like.

Ok, here are my ratings;

1. Kirstie and Maks (I want to see Maks get a Mirror Ball so badly and I love Kirstie too. Her dancing experience has been a pure delight to watch. I love how she’s helped Maks this Season personally)

2. Ralph and Karina (My second favorite couple of the Season. I love their creativity. I love the Oriental influence he’s brought to some of his dances. He’s a fighter. They know when to be traditional and when not to be.)

3. Hines and Kym (I love these two as well. Always humble, full of charm, and total class acts.)

4. Chelse and Mark (As most of you know, I can’t stomach these two anymore – adding: their DANCING, not them personally!!!! All I see is ego and no connection.)