DWTS Season 12 – Kym Johnson On How Next Week Will Be The Most Challenging

Kym wrote her new blog for Ok Magazine on Tuesday before they found out if she and Hines made it to the next round. She was so nervous. She talks about their Jive and a little about Hines arrest. Below is a take about what is to come next week if they made it (which they did as you know). She mentions how they will have two NEW dances and a “winner’s circle Cha Cha”. She’s right. This coming week is going to be the most challenging for them all. I thought one dance might be a “re-do” dance but, that is not the case (yet). This week almost sounds harder for them all than what the Finals will be like?

If we make it through tonight, next week will be the most challenging week, because we’ll have two new dances, plus the Cha Cha, it’s like a winner’s circle Cha Cha thing, so it’s going to be a very difficult week for whoever gets through. Fingers crossed Hines and I can be there, hopefully people voted for us.

Hines, like he does with football, he watches other people’s dances and he watches our dances back as well. We film during rehearsals too so he watches it back to make sure he’s doing it right. It’s the way he works football into our dancing. I always film rehearsals with all my partners and make them watch it back, because I can tell them until I’m blue in the face — but if you see it, you can visualize what I’m telling them, so it helps a lot more. So I’ll always show them rehearsals and explain what’s missing, and how the arm isn’t right there or the feet. I do that will all my partners, but Hines is definitely more analytical than I’ve had before!

Picture above is a picture Kym tweeted of her and her doggie, Lola. Isn’t she sweet?