Pure DWTS Season 12, Week 8 – Mark Ballas: “We can smell the finish line”

Mark has updated his blog at USA Today. He’s excited to be in the semi-finals and they “can smell the finish line” (can’t stand this line. Ego much?). He also talks a little on their three dances coming up with one being a “dance challenge” in the second take below. He says he will explain more on that dance Friday. (Heidi’s Note: I was reading too fast and thought it was “we can smell the fish.” Heh.)

We’re in the semi-finals already? Where did the time go?! It’s been a great run thus far for Team Kanenball and Chelsea and I are antsy to get back into the rehearsal studio right away to work on these three new dances for you. The finals are just one week away and we can smell the finish line. This competition is intense, and we’re so grateful to the fans for relentlessly voting for us.

I’m running out of words to tell you just how great Chelsea has been this season. She keeps growing and growing as a dancer and continues to get better every week. We achieved another first for the season, this time getting another season-high score of 29. We did it a few weeks back, and it feels great to be given two 10s this week. When you’re the couple breaking the threshold on the season-high scores, it’s quite an honor that you’re setting the benchmark. All of us are working our tails off and appreciate these little tokens of recognition. I proud of both our performances on Monday night and I am thrilled the instant dance is over!

This week we have three individual dances, the third one being a “dance challenge”. I’ll tell you more about that in my next entry. I?ve been talking with Chelsea for weeks about how our schedule will get crazier and crazier the farther we go in the competition, but she?s ready to meet it head on. With all the extra attention that comes with being in the semifinals, as well as the increasing scrutiny of the judges, we?re in for a long, sweat filled couple of days. Eat, sleep and rehearse. That’s what we’ll be doing.