DWTS Season 12 – Ralph Macchio Comeback Karate Kid & Can’t Wait To Dance Again (Videos)

Ralph was interviewed by George Lopez last night on his show. He talks about his injury (it’s getting better by the day), proves he doesn’t wear a toupe, and Charo comes to help him with is “Latin” moves. It’s a hoot. Like George, I hope he does the “Crane” move if he makes it to the finals too. Wouldn’t that be cool?Also, The Insider went into Ralph and Karina’s rehearsals to see how Ralph’s injury is doing. I can’t embed this video, but, you can view it >>>HERE. Ralph found out he won’t need corrective surgery. The worse day of pain was last Saturday (when he almost pulled out). He’s so thankful for his fans support and getting him through to the next round. They can’t wait to dance. See him practicing for the Argentine Tango.

Adding: here is new interview from Access Hollywood as well.


(Heidi’s Note: He’s cute. That is all.)