Pure DWTS 12 – Hines Ward On Overcoming Fears, Sizing Up The Competition, and More (Videos, Interview)

Hines Ward told Jay Leno he never thought he’d be dancing like he is on the show. He wanted to do Dancing With The Stars in overcoming and facing his fears. He went into it blindly and is having a blast. He has a new respect for women for wearing heels. He sizes up the competition as well. Great interview below.

Hines sizes up the competition in his new blog for the LA Times as well. He’s just too cool.

There are just four people left. Size up the rest of the competition for us.

Kirstie Alley?

She has a lot of appeal cause she has a huge Hollywood fan base and she speaks her mind. People love her personality. And she has been dancing well. She is going to be someone to watch out for in the finals.

Chelsea Kane?

Chelsea looks and moves like a professional dancer. Her facial expressions are always great and she is a crowd pleaser and a judge favorite. Again, a tough competitor in this competition. She has style and grace.

Ralph Macchio?

Another tough competitor. Never quits. Always knows how to get the crowd pumped. He is light on his feet and is graceful in his moves. Ralph is in this competition to win it like the rest of us. The bottom line is from this point on any one of us could win this. It is so close and there is really no clear-cut front-runner. We all need to bring our ‘A’ game the next two weeks to have a chance to win.

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