DWTS 12, Week 9 – Dancing With The Las Vegas Odds Before Showtime

The Las Vegas Odds are looking interesting again. They’ve got Kirstie and Ralph tied in the 3rd spot. Chelsea is in 2nd place. Hines, once again, is in first place. I’m no expert, but, I’d say these odds are so close that it’s a hard call. Each one of these contestants has their plus and minus sides working for or against them. To say one of them is dominating would be foolish. (Heidi’s Note: I’m no expert either, but I don’t think the bottom 3 are that close to Hines for this stage of the game – they’re pretty much calling it for him. I think. Anyone?)

1. Hines Ward 2/3

2. Chelsea Kane 4/1

3. Kirstie Alley 5/1

4. Ralph Macchio 5/1

Here’s to tomorrow night! Get ready!! Your VOTES count more than ever especially with a looming “Winner Takes All” Cha Cha Bonus Dance which could alter voting in the judges favor!!!