DWTS Season 12, Week 9 – Reviews and Interviews After The Dance (Video Roundup)

Let’s get right to it! As always George Pennacchio from ABC KTLA gets deeper than your average interviewer and he did so again last night after the show. He asks our dancing couples individual questions for what they thought of their dances and challenges this week. Best of all, he asks them what they thought were their biggest accomplishments of the Season. See how they reply on it and more below.

First up, Mark and Chelsea say winning the “winner takes all” Cha Cha has been their biggest accomplishment this Season. They are gloriously happy with their scores and hoping they make it to the finals.

Hines and Kym talk of the “trying” week because of Kym’s injury. Hines didn’t know until Monday morning if Kym would be able to dance. Hines said he got sick to his stomach when they played the rehearsal video of the injury. He didn’t care about the scores last night and only that they were dancing again and she was ok. Hines said their biggest accomplishment was staying consistant all Season despite this past week’s injury.

Kirstie says her biggest accomplishment is “just doing it” (dancing) and come this far without being in more pain. Maks says there is a lot he didn’t tell her for how he was getting her in shape for everything. He believes “dancing” is the best thing to keep your body and soul in shape. It will help you get through anything. Maks also talks of why Kirstie deserves to be in the finals…because of the “impossibility” factor. It gets a little heated at the end about the “age” factor coming up, but, then they express how much they mean to each other.

Below Karina and Ralph talk of the judges comments and how much they hurt (don’t get me started. I thought Bruno was just at his most awful!). Karina talks of why Ralph deserves to be in the finals….because he’s a great dancer, dedicated, he’s worked hard, and they are having so much fun. George gives him the bravery award this season. See why below.

Here is Donny Osmond with his take on the show last night on Good Morning America. He talks of Kym’s injury and how Kym and Hines came back tough. He thinks they are the leaders. He says Chelsea is the best dancer. Kirstie has the popular vote. He thinks Ralph is going home tonight. He also tries to predict who will win next week if he’s right about his predictions tonight and can’t. “It’s a horse race!”

PopTvDotCom asked some of our couples some good questions after the show as well. You can see Shirley Ballas in this video as well.

Stayed tuned to this spot. I may add more videos later after work. Here’s to the results show tonight!!! Though I’m not looking forward for who will be set home.