Pure Dancing With The Stars 2011 – When Judges Have To Humiliate

I can’t sit back and let this go without letting off some steam. Maybe you need to do so as well?

I just can’t get over how mean the judges were to Ralph again last night. All Season they’ve been real bears to him as we’ve all commented. But, last night cut the cake with Bruno. To say Karina “was being to rough with her p***y” and then to furthermore say to Ralph, “You definitely went for a bad ass salsa. Are you wearing extra large diapers?” What the ???

If there was ever a time I wish they could penalize the judges, now is the time. What’s sad is these celebrities don’t take on this show to get humiliated and neither do the pros. Last year, Bruno did the same thing to Michael Bolton and several times. When is enough “enough” already?

I think it’s time Bruno was disciplined. Yes, feel free to have an opinion and critique a dance for how you see fit. But, please do NOT humiliate!! Have some class and be constructive about it!!

After last night, I wouldn’t be surprised if they ever get a celebrity to sign up again for this show.

You really have to give it to Ralph and Karina though. They didn’t argue and they took the abuse. All Karina said was “Wow wow” and tried to shield Ralph from what Bruno was saying.

If Ralph is picked to leave tonight, it’s going to be hard to watch him leave like this. He doesn’t deserve it!

(Heidi’s Note: No one deserves that kind of treatment, regardless of how well they danced. Obscene. And it takes a lot for me to see obscenity..)