DWTS 12 – The Remaining Couples On The Elimination, Their Experience So Far, and Finals Next Week (Videos)

Our three remaining couples had a lot to say after the Results Show last night on the elimination, their experience and dances, and yes, next week’s Finals. Though don’t get too excited, they don’t reveal too much for what’s coming next week.

Below is Kirstie and Maks talking about what’s it’s going to be like this week preparing. Kirstie is ‘numb’ right now, but ready for the big “crunch”. Maks doesn’t have the next days all planned out, but, says he just wants to give Kirstie a “fighting chance”. He’s had his hits and misses and he doesn’t want to ‘miss’ this one. Kirstie says the best thing about this experience has been Maks (so cute!).

Mark and Chelsea talk below on their choreography this year and how Mark was inspired. Chelsie is excited on their free style next week. She still can’t believe they’ve made it this far. The experience has been “surreal”. They also know this upcoming week is going to be a tough one. (Note Chelsea’s earrings which are in John’s New Pure DWTS Give-Away. :mrgreen: )

Lastly, here is Hines and Kym talking about how far they’ve come from Hines being ‘rough around the edges’ to becoming a dancer. Hines doesn’t think the pros get enough credit for what they do on this show. Kym talks about doing a Free Style that she’s been planning for a long time and hoped would get a chance to do. They are excited. She has some great routines planned.

Let this last week of rehearsals begin and here’s to next Monday night All!!!! 😉