DWTS 12 – Brooke Burke Dishes on Dancing With The Stars Finals And Promotes New Suave Campaign (Videos)

Brooke was interviewed on Fox and Friends this morning. She dished a little on Kirstie and how surprisingly well she’s done all Season on Dancing With The Stars. They ask her about Ralph and how he was mistreated by the judges which she conveniently blows off (are we surprised?). She also talks about the new Suave campaign which she’s helping to promote. Thanks so much to Lori for letting us know on this interview.

Hollywood Gossip also interviewed Brooke. In this new interview, she talks about how hard it is to raise four kids and how important it is to take care of yourself. She also talked about the show and how much she loves it. She says this is one of the best and “most even” casts this Season. It’s full of emotion. No one knows who is going to win. She thinks it will come down to the “Freestyle” and that they all deserve to win. More below.