Pure DWTS Finals Poll – VOTE: Who Do You Hope Wins Dancing With The Stars Season 12?

It’s that time again!! Time to see who our readers at Pure Dancing With The Stars are favoring the most to win the Finals? Vote in our new Poll below for who you would like to see take the Season 12 Mirror Ball Trophy home from these three contestants. It will be fun to see if we are an indication as in past polls for how the outcome will happen? Also, be sure to let us know in the comment section for who you voted for if interested.

Hines and Kym;

Kirstie and Maks;

Chelsea and Mark;

For myself? I want Kirstie and Maks to win. I will be voting my heart out for them. But, I may throw some votes to Hines and Kym as well! I hope either of these two couples wins. But, I would just be ecstatic if Kirstie and Maks take it all the way!

Photo Source: On The Red Carpet