DWTS 12 Prepping For The Finals – Maksim Chmerkovskiy And Kirstie Alley Talk On Their Dances, One Of Their Songs, Their Costumes, And More (Videos)

We have some more interviews with Maks and Kirstie. Here they are with E News dishing on their relationship and if they will keep in touch. E News asks if John Travolta will be in the audience Monday night to watch Kirstie in the Finals. Kirstie said she talked with John last night but, he’s not sure. He’s an “unpredictable friend” and she likes that. πŸ™‚ They also mention one of their songs is from P!nk! Get ready for some “revealing” on Monday night.

Here the two are with Mark Steines from ET Online. Watch closely because you don’t want to miss their faces and poses in the very beginning (Maks is priceless!). They explain how their dances will go down for Monday and Tuesday. They have two new dances to learn for Monday…. the Samba (which the judges pick) and the Freestyle. They dance their first week Cha Cha (their “favorite”) for Tuesday night. Then Maks and Mark Steines switch roles. Mark Steines Sambas with Kirstie while Maks does the interviewing. Kirstie explains why she’s singing to P!nk’s “Perfect” which will indeed be perfect. πŸ™‚

If that wasn’t enough, Access Hollywood visited with the crazy two as well. Kirstie says she’s feeling strong and limber and loves that feeling. She hopes to keep dancing forever. She talked of when she first signed on and how dancing on the show would rally her if she did it. But, John Travolta told her not to don’t do it and just be an actress. They talk of how Kirstie will be wearing her first costume for next week but, it will have to be taken in.

And a fun little radio interview with Maks and Billy Bush >>>>HERE and a tweet to go with;

EDIT TO ADD: Below is Kirstie and Maks on Jay Leno last night as well. Kirstie is funnier than ever. Maks is too when he comes on. So cute together as always and looking forward to Monday night.

And here is a new interview on Extra with Tony. They give more hints on their dances, their future plans, and more. Thanks Maddy!