Pure DWTS Season 12 – How Does Or Will The Zodiac Effect Our Dancing Couples For Finals?

From little on, I’ve always been fascinated with Astrology. So, I thought I’d study up on our remaining couples and see if we could get a hint for what’s to come if we were to base the upcoming Finals on their Zodiac signs and unions. Before you read on, keep in mind other influences could be working in their charts (time of birth, life’s successes and struggles, how a person was raised, etc) which could zap anything I might have gathered up below. lol Also, just a side note, that I’m not into forecasting as much as I use Astrology as a ‘tool’ in getting to know people or to better understand them and life’s circumstanes. Below is a reflection of that….just for fun (and not to be taken too seriously).

Maks and Kirstie:

Maks and Kirste are both Capricorns with their birthdays only a few days apart. Kirstie’s birthday is on January 12th while Maks’ birthday is on Jaunary 17th. Capricorns have hard work and organizational ethics and standards for themselves and others. They set their goals high in whatever they do. In fact, they have such a hard work ethic that a vacation to them most often times involves work related projects. They just aren’t happy without work which many don’t understand. But, if you do understand, you are lucky because then you’ve just hit on something magical as Capricorns tend to be one of the most successful, at peace, and happiest of the Zodiac. A Capricorn and Capricorn partnership can be strong since this is a natural understanding for them right from the beginning. Their relationship can go on for a life time never giving up while making their dreams happen. What does this mean for Kirstie and Maks for the Finals? I’m not sure. But, what we do know is these two personalities have broke predictions and boundaries others could not do in self transformation both mentally and physically in such a short time in knowing one another. Not only do we see this in one of them…we see a transformation for the best in EACH of them on Dancing With The Stars.

Kym and Hines:

Kym was born on August 4th. She is a Leo. Hines was born March 8th. He is a Pisces. Leo and Pisces aren’t normally a common union. One is a Water sign while the other is a Fire sign. However, Leo is the king of the Zodiac for a reason. This sign is masterful at leading and taming all the other Zodiac signs. They too have strong work ethics. The most famous leaders in the world have been Leos….with President Obama currently as one of them. Leos are attentive, methodic, theatrical, dramatic, ambitious, creative, noble and magnetic …all the famous and strong qualities we’ve seen in Kym. Pisces are more quiet, imaginative, sensitive, fair, giving, soulful, self sacrificing, and artistic…all the qualities we’ve seen in Hines from his football career, to his charity work, to his role with Kym on Dancing With The Stars. We’ve seen him laugh. We’ve seen him cry. He would have quit the show in order to save Kym’s neck. What does this mean for this couple for Finals on Dancing With The Stars? I don’t know. But, what we do know that these two have been charming and inticing us as a whole all Season long…and what’s more, they’ve been consistant at it and set the bar in class and a sweet genuiness personally too.

Mark and Chelsea:

Mark was born on May 24th which makes him a Gemni. Chelsea was born on September 15th which makes her a Virgo. Gemini are very versatile with their thinking and are on the average easy-going. Though don’t think they can’t get wound up if tested. They have a dual personality which will fight for what they think is right and they can conform to anything they see fit to do. They are also inquisitive, intelligent, inventive, and creative…the latter being very strong characteristics we see in Mark. Virgos, on the other hand, think practical for the most part. They have a need to evaluative, analyze, ask questions, and can be critical. But, they are also industrious, modern, progressive, observing, smart, and are hard workers and perfectionists. Even though these two could conflict in some areas, what these two signs share the most is a wonderful emotional and support magnet for one another when the tough gets going which we’ve seen in both Mark and Chelsea and what we will most likely continue to see in the Finals.

So, what do you think? If you were to base the Finals outcome on these couples Zodiac, who is the dominate pair? Or do you think this is all a bunch of mullarchy? lol

Sources that helped with this post: Horoscopes Love Eu, Horoscopes Within, Linda Goodman’s “Sunsigns” (my favorite astrology book ever!)