Dancing With The Stars 12 – Brooke Burke Says Everything Is Riding On The Freestyle Tonight

I can’t embed the video, but, People.com has a new interview up with Brooke where she breaks down each couple for the Finale tonight. She says everything is riding on the “Freestyle”. Here is a take below, but, be sure to watch the video at the link.

Ward, paired with Kim Johnson, is “infectious, he’s lovable, he’s emotionally connected, he’s got rhythm, he’s fun to watch,” says Burke. In addition, he’s got a big fan base that should help him out.

Kane, meanwhile, is “just adorable” and “a phenomenal dancer, technically,” says Burke. The Disney star also has the advantage of being paired with Mark Ballas, who’s known for his strong choreography.

As for Alley, who is paired with Maksim Chmerkovskiy: “What’s not to love?” asks Burke. “She is brave and brutally honest. She surprised everybody. She’s got incredible rhythm. Nobody had any idea she’d be such a great dancer. She gets better every show.”